Bottle Cap Range

  • Coneseal Cap
  • Wadseal Cap
  • Fliptop Cap
  • Disctop Cap
  • Child Resistant Cap
  • Tablet Bottle Cap
Fliptop Cap

Fliptop Cap

Fliptop Caps 

Standard cap with hinged top that flips open for easy pouring.

Item Code Neck Size Material Orifice Finishing Colour in stock
Cp20410FtpRib 20-410 PP 2.8mm Ribbed White
Cp20415FtpSm 20-415 PP 2.5mm Smooth White
Cp24410FtpRib 24-410 PP 2.8mm Ribbed White
Cp24415FtpSm 24-415 PP 3.0mm Smooth White
Cp28410FtpRib 28-410 PP 4.75mm Ribbed White

* For the 20-415 cap size, other colours made to order, MOQ 5000. Gold or Silver banding also available.