Boston Bottle Range

Part of our stock range, these bottles are manufactured on site and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, and we can help with finishing touches too. These bottles come in white or natural (opaque), but we can customise them in different colours. Contact us to find out more. 

  • Boston Bottle 1000ml
  • Boston Bottle 500ml
  • Boston Bottle 375ml
  • Boston Bottle 250ml
  • Boston Bottle 125ml
  • Boston Bottle 60ml
Boston Bottle 125ml

Boston Bottle 125ml

125ml Boston Bottle

Item number: Bs0125


Height : 129mm
Diameter : 39mm         Neck Size : 20-415
Qty per carton : 265mm Brimful : 137ml
Print area : 83mm x 122mm            Material : HDPE / LDPE

Sold per carton.

Stock available in white and natural, colours made to order minimum run of 3000. Screen printing and closures optional extras. 

Closures available: Fliptop cap, Coneseal cap, Disctop Cap,Spout cap, Lotion pump and Mist spray.